The Best "Secret" Montana State Parks
Need a new camping spot or family hang out this summer? Montana has dozens of state parks, meaning dozens of options for things to do. Mellow solitude for some, and family friendly water sports for others.
Beer Can camp stove
Here's a super practical, timely "How To" video for the typical Montanan. It's an easy way to make a camp stove out of supplies most Montanans will have on hand while camping. Put this Beer Can Stove to good use and be safe!
MT FWP Seeks Comment On Fishing Access Site Rule
The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission is seeking public comment on the proposed Fishing Access Site (FAS) Annual Rule. The proposed rule sets the fees for FAS camping, group use permits, facility rentals, and special recreation permits (SRP) on the Blackfoot and Madison rivers. See t…
Pee-Wee, The Go Anywhere Urine Bag [VIDEO]
No, we are not talking about our friend with a memorable laugh and lives in a playhouse. We are talking about a product from Cleanwaste that shares the same name. The Pee-Wee is a unisex, portable, biodegradable urine bladder. The makers suggest storing a Pee-Wee in every glove box, backpack, and an…
Fall In Montana – Cool Stuff To Do
It seems that Fall began in earnest in just a few hours this week. Walk in side for a bit, then walk back out to leaves all over the ground. Montana is BEAUTIFUL in the Fall, but it doesn't last long. Here are some cool ideas to see it before it instantly turns into Winter.
Bear And Wildlife Awareness In The Area Heightened
Area recreationalists are being urged to keep bear and wildlife awareness in mind, given the late melt-off of the snow pack and increased likelihood of encounters. US Forest Service wildlife officials are urging national forest visitors across Montana and Northern Idaho to exercise more caution as t…