medical marijuana

Police Raid Medical Marijuana Stores In And Around Bozeman
Medical Marijuana distributors in the valley have been raided by several law enforcement agencies in the last 24 hours and what appear to be arrests are being made. Is this a reaction to the voting down of the bill that would have repealed the Medical Marijuana Act in Montana? Or did the distributor…
Montana Medical Marijuana Repeal Bill Stopped In Senate
The bill set out to repeal the current allowance of Medical Marijuana in Montana was haulted in the senate by a 6-6 vote. Policies will remain unchanged due to this vote but how long will it be until the next vote and possible overturn of the law? What are your opinions on Medical Marijuana in Monta…
Another Medical Marijuana Battle
The Medical Marijuana community in Montana may face some very harsh push back if Bill 33 is put into law. The bill will basically make it illegal for anyone with a "dangerous" drug in their system to drive a vehicle.