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Rockumentary Pick: Genesis - Sum Of The Parts [VIDEO]
I'm a huge fan of well done documentaries on rock bands. Showtime and HBO are usually where I catch them first with everything from The Eagles to the Foo Fighters and today, Genesis. For some reason it's always been a bit taboo to like Genesis, but not for me.
Happy Phil Collins Day! [VIDEO]
Did you know that February 15th is Phil Collins Day? Apparently it's been celebrated annually on this day since at least 2007. There's even a Phil Collins Parade! Not sure where this was video was taken but here's the proof:
Phil Collins Retires From Music
After a long and successful career, rocker Phil Collins announced his retirement from music on Friday. Collins cited multiple health problems from decades of banging the drums as the reason, including "hearing problems, a dislocated vertebra and nerve damage in his hands" according to &quo…

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