Help Catch A Bike Thief!
Be on the lookout for this cool red bike which was STOLEN from the back room at Wild Joe's Coffee House in downtown Bozeman. It's pretty distinct so hopefully someone will spot it.
Stolen St. Francis Statue Given A Makeover
Some creative thieves had fun with a Bozeman family as well as the local media this past weekend. The stolen item: a statue of St. Francis. The victims: Mary Jo Paul and Harold Paul. In response to their statue being stolen, the Paul's wrote a letter to be published in the Chronicle in an attem…
Donald Trump Replaces Young Boy’s Stolen Bike [VIDEO]
Turns out that underneath all his famously bad hair, Donald Trump actually does have something slightly resembling a heart.
After 10-year-old Culley Larson’s BMX bike was stolen, the youngster hoped to appeal to the thief by writing a letter to his paper asking for its return. ABC News picked up his …