On a YouTube livestream Thursday (Feb. 3), outspoken conspiracy theorist (and rocker) Ted Nugent discussed his plans for his upcoming tour supporting his forthcoming album Detroit Muscle, out April 29 via Pavement Music. "There'll be no mask mandates; there'll be no bullshit," he says (as transcribed by Blabbermouth). You can watch the video below.

Nugent goes on a bit of a rant about COVID and Joe Biden in the hour-long livestream. He claims there are "communist Chinese" in the White House and compares COVID mandates to "Nazi jackboot."

"2020, the communist Chinese in the White House wouldn't let the tour happen," he says. "Well, some people went on tour. And they played a place where you had to show paperwork or wear a mask. I'm not playing a place that plays Nazi jackboot. If there's some kind of unconstitutional mandate… By the way, mandates… You can't mandate shit. You can't mandate anything to me. You have no mandate authority. This isn't communist China, even though Joe Biden thinks it is, and he's helping it become that.

"So, hopefully the Uncle Ted shitkicker American campfire Detroit Muscle tour 20-clusterfuck-22 will finally happen after the communist Chinese Biden gang canceled it in 2020 and 20-clusterfuck-21," Nugent adds. "Let's hope. 'Cause we've got a lot of dates in June, July and August."

He also talks about gun control, the election, haters and more in the livestream.

Nugent seems to make headlines about once a month, but not typically related to his music. In January, Nugent criticized Joan Jett's inclusion on Rolling Stone's list of "100 Greatest Guitarist." In November, Nugent also said he wants to give Kyle Rittenhouse a lifetime supply of ammunition and start a gun training class in his name. That same month, he released a pro-gun rallying cry called "Come and Take It."

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