The Copper Whiskey Bar & Grill is open! They're located at 101 E Main street in downtown Bozeman (where Looie's Down Under used to be). I had lunch there yesterday and was thoroughly impressed with my food and surroundings.

The Copper Whiskey Bar & Grill experiment must have cost a pretty penny. The owners definitely spent some money to uphold a distinct quality and ambiance. The spacious, gorgeous full-length bar will catch your eye immediately. From the lighting to each fixture, it's Montana class at its best. I thought the food was excellent too. They call their appetizers Bar Snacks, but don't let that fool you (their deviled eggs have lobster and caviar in them). Based on my lunch yesterday, you have to try the lobster bisque and the onion rings (could be the best onion rings I've ever had in my life). They also have excellent salads, roasted chicken, steaks, salmon filet, burgers and sandwiches, and a lot more!


Copper is not just a whiskey bar. They have a nice lineup of beer on tap, and other spirits. The whiskey and bourbon menu is quite impressive though. You've got your Montana whiskeys to chose from (like Roughstock and Wheatfish), along with American, Canadian, Irish, and Scotch. It's all there, at all ages. Get in there (or down there) and check it out for yourself!

As I type this, Copper Whiskey Bar & Grill is still working on their website (, but you can visit them on Facebook.


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