This post has a lot to do with Pete Hanson's previous post. I too needed a mental reboot this morning (in a big way). I wake up extremely early these days and was not ready for that this morning (following two days off). I woke up with my big- boy crabby pants on and needed that reboot. And who provided that for me on my car ride into work? My friend in need, who I should have a name for considering we're so close, my iPod.

Do you ever think that there's some kind of crazy technology in your iPod that taps into your brain waves? Either that or my iPod has a human brain. This morning was a perfect example. I was tired and crabby and certainly not in the mood for anything but then I plugged my iPod in and he took care of me (maybe my iPod is female considering she is so in tune with my emotions, let's just call her sweetie for now).

So sweetie was so considerate this morning. She played strictly calm, chill, positive, relaxing music to turn my smile upside down. She led off with "Over And Out" from the Foo Fighters, a nice calming interlude from Alejandro Escovedo ("Fort Worth Blue") and what really got me going, Coldplay's "Strawberry Swing". I had to play that one back to back. Chris Martin kept reminding me, "it's such a perfect day" and before I knew it....goosebumps! I was convinced. He also repeatedly sings, "without you it's a waste of time". All I thought of there was you sweetie. Thank you for the reboot and not asking for the same in return (I've never had a problem with her). Well that's enough of this, it's starting to get weird. But don't forget, music is the answer. It really does make the world a better place!

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