An iconic part of downtown Bozeman has closed down and it will be dearly missed by many locals.

Scoop Bar on Main Street posted on their Instagram on Saturday after decades of being opened has closed down. The long standing business was a central part of the infamous bar-muda triangle, they will be sorely missed.

Credit: Scoop Bar Montana via Instagram

The Scoop Bar was located on Main Street right next to Bagel Works off of 7th Avenue and was a part of the Bozeman's Bar-muda Triangle which included bars such as: The Scoop Bar, The Molly Brown and The Haufbrau.

The Scoop Bar was a place where many locals would head to for late night drinks or to get away from the mostly rowdy crowds of downtown Bozeman. Plus, they had a great staff, cheap drinks and was extremely laid back. Every time I would go to the Scoop Bar with my friends it was always a great place to go play pool and chill out and we would always happen to run into other friends while we were there.

It's sad to see The Scoop Bar close down because now the Bar-muda Triangle is no more and that also eliminates another great cheap place to drink in the Bozeman area. Not many of those left anywhere really.

We just want to thank The Scoop Bar for being an incredible bar and business and you will be forever missed in our community. You were one of a kind and it's sad to see you go.

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