Following their Grammys victory this past weekend, the Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas dissmisses blues rock when discussing genres in modern music. The group took home the award for Best Rock Album with their 2020 effort The New Abnormal. 

“I kind of always make fun of rock ’n’ roll so I think it’s kind of funny, or cool, or fitting, that we won the award,” the singer said in the Grammys' press room [via NME]. "I think that people that say things are dead, I just feel like their imagination, possibly, has died."

"Honestly, there’s room for so many genres of music," he continued. "Not necessarily blues rock, please, no more of that.”

The Recording Academy uploaded a video clip of the Strokes learning that they won the category on YouTube, and it's pretty hilariously reflective of pandemic times. Since everything has been done virtual since the pandemic started, their "acceptance speech" was given by video call, in which there are delays and audio cutouts. But, it's the best we can all do right now.

Check out the clip below.

Other Grammy winners in the rock and metal categories include Body Count for Best Metal Performance with "Bum-Rush," Fiona Apple for Best Rock Performance with "Shameika" and Brittany Howard for Best Rock Song with "Stay High."

The Strokes Best Rock Album Acceptance Speech Grammys 2021

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