When I think about the current younger generation and what motivates them I am often left with concerned wonderment. The struggle for kids today seems to be the search for a Wi-Fi connection when they are forced to leave their gaming console behind. I'm so proud to be an 80s kid, our struggles were more survival-skill related.

Now let me preface this rant with the realization that I am going to sound like every older generation before me when comparing the younger generation. Here's my modern  "I had to walk five miles to school uphill both ways in the snow year-round" take:

The struggles for this 80s kid were learning how to ollie on my skateboard, learning what wild berries were ok to eat, capturing a flag in the woods, coming up with a new excuse for mom after coming home late (which was determined by street lights), befriending adults in and around my neighborhood (who had big yards) and trying to sell them on letting our gang play tackle football outside their house, and breaking my leg in a backyard football game and having to push myself home (for what seemed like 5 miles at the time) on my skateboard because cell phones didn't exist.

Don't get me wrong, we had Nintendo but that was something you maybe played right before bed IF you got your homework done (the struggle there was blowing on the cartridge after the game continuously "froze" up on you...which never worked). My struggles as a kid usually took place outdoors, without a helmet (although that probably would have been a good thing). I think generation by generation we are getting softer and lazier...and dare I say, weaker. This, in my mind, leaves room for doubt concerning the mental strength of our future.

Just one 80s kid's thoughts. I would love to hear yours. Comments from all ages are welcome below.