After spending a few hours at a friend's house cooking, I now understand the allure of "video yule logs" burning on a screen.

We wanted a bit of a 'festive' background, without the distraction of a television show or people talking—just something to put us in the holiday mood for the baking tasks at hand. On went the computer!

There are lots of options for videos of burning logs and fireplace scenes. With a few exceptions, they're peaceful and meant to add ambiance to a room without an actual fireplace. We've all seen them, but have you actually used one of the log videos? They're even more satisfying than you'd expect.

Some fireplace videos have music in the background—nice, if you're looking for extra Christmas spirit. Others simply have the crackle noises of logs burning. Further still, you can watch some that show an entire room scene with decorations, snow falling through the window, and a decorated tree.

Want a bit more than just the fireplace scene? There are Christmas themed scenes from alleyways with peaceful, holiday jazz music. There's a background vibe for just about everything. Upbeat, chilled out, jazzed up, or traditional.

There are a LOT of stressful things during the holidays; keeping up with work, family gatherings, too much money being spent, traveling, traffic, etc. Taking a bit of time for yourself and a friend to bake some cookies together is a cool way to just chill out for a bit. Be nice to yourself. The world is stressful enough. Pop on that fake fireplace video and make yourself some holiday treats.

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