When you leave men alone with time on their hands, things like this happen. A redneck genius has built two jet engines onto a canoe just to see what would happen. This video is the result.

I first saw this video trending on Digg. It's a YouTube channel called the Hacksmith. The guy confessed that he had no experience with air or water dynamics or physics. This should be good.

Can you envision what this bad boy would do on the Platte River? I can, but I shouldn't.

As he mentioned in his build guide, you need two things: jets and a canoe. Duh. The hard part is figuring out where to mount the jet engines. They had to be high enough that the exhaust wouldn't melt the canoe because...that would be bad. But, they had to be low enough that their thrust would hit the water. Oh, and he had to figure out how to mount them securely enough that the jets wouldn't just fly off. Life is hard.

After a couple of false starts, success. He did note that steering is not really a thing which is kind of a problem unless you're a redneck that just wants to go fast. Fortunately, it appears that is him.

Do I recommend you do this? Nope. This guy is a YouTube pro who has done engineering stuff before. There would probably be some Wyoming Game and Fish folks who would be less pleased to see jet engines on the Platte River. But, I do enjoy watching rednecks like this try stuff to see what happens because I'm part redneck, too.

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