As the Soundgarden frontman, Chris Cornell grabbed everyone's attention with his powerful vocals and dark, brooding lyrics. Those traits have always been his bread and butter, and while we certainly don't want him to be sad and moody forever, we always thought he'd be better at artfully expressing himself ... when he feels like dancing.

Today's Throwback Thursday is the first single from Cornell's 2009 solo album, Scream, "Part of Me" -- check it out above. It features the iconic grunge rocker singing about beautiful women in different clubs, including a Texas bar full of line-dancing ladies.

This album was a departure from Cornell's typical M.O.; he teamed up with pop producer Timbaland initially to remix some of the songs from his previous solo album, Carry On, but the two of them seemingly got carried away, writing and recording Scream in just six weeks.

The album was, unsurprisingly, panned by most critics when it came out. Timbaland, however, said that it might be his best work ever -- we don't know if that says more about the quality of the album or the quality of Timbaland's other work.

Admittedly, though, that's not exactly fair. Both artists have made some amazing music on their own, but maybe they shouldn't be allowed to be in a recording studio together?

And in case you think the song would be fine if only it had some rock guitars in it, the video below would beg to differ:

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