Every once in a while, we're struck by how much we miss the White Stripes. Sure, Jack White has been putting out a steady stream of great music since the Stripes' demise four years ago. But none of what's he's done since sounds quite like the White Stripes. And that's perfectly fine. Jack White is a man of great talent who moves in many musical directions. But it's not the same, and that makes us a little sad.

However, the White Stripes' back catalog is an embarrassment of riches, so there's always plenty of material to satisfy our White Stripes needs whenever they may arise. Case in point: Check out today's video featuring the Detroit duo playing on legendary British musical show Later... With Jools Holland back in 2007. In the video, Jack White switches from lead guitar to the bass and Holland sits in on the electric piano for a rousing rendition of "My Doorbell."

Holland seems absolutely delighted to be sitting in with the band. You can see him smiling as he looks into the mirror he has set up on the piano to see what Jack and Meg are up to.

Also, check out this second video from the same performance, of the White Stripes playing "Icky Thump," where Jack wrangles both guitar and keyboard duties at the same time.

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