Tom Morello has released his new EP, Comandante, which features Slash guesting on the song “Interstate 80.”

The five-track collection also includes a cover of the Jimi Hendrix classic “Voodoo Child” and a piece titled “Secretariat,” which is Morello’s tribute to the late Eddie Van Halen. You can listen to all five tracks below.

The Rage Against the Machine guitarist described Van Halen as “our generation’s Mozart” following his death on Oct. 6. “The way that he reimagined the instrument was a testament to divine inspiration,” Morello told Rolling Stone. ‘[T]aking this kind of this cobbled-together, garage-built guitar and turning it into this divining rod of awesome rock ’n’ roll power. He was truly inspirational to generations of guitarists. I put myself on the list of people who not only [had] a deepened enjoyment of the genre because of his outstanding unsurpassed musicianship; it was also the way that he destroyed the notion that it had all been done before on the electric guitar. That certainly planted the seed for youngsters like me to begin exploring possibilities on the instrument that were undreamt of before Eddie Van Halen.”

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash said he’d been “floored” by Van Halen’s death, even though he’d known he was ill. “Eddie changed guitar playing,” he reported. “I picked up the guitar, I guess it was 1979, 1980… Steven Adler, who was Guns n’ Roses’ original drummer, when we were kids, we used to just hang out and ditch school and go to the pizza place and whatnot. And we used to listen to that first Van Halen record, and it was just insane. It was, like, 'What the fuck?’”

Tom Morello - ‘Voodoo Child’

Slash and Tom Morello - ‘Interstate 80’

Tom Morello - ‘Secretariat’ (For Eddie Van Halen)

Tom Morello - ‘Suburban Guerrilla’

Tom Morello - ‘Cato Stedman & Neptune Frost’


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