I'm sure most have heard the latest media buzz concerning actor/comedian Tracy Morgan, who at a recent comedy show in Nashville offended some with an anti-gay rant. I should probably leave this one alone but I can't help it. You were offended by Tracy Morgan's act? Had you never heard of Tracy Morgan and got the tickets as a gift?

I'm a Tracy Morgan fan but I could see how he may offend some. He's not for everyone. He falls under that umbrella of "shock" comics. Laughs are met with head shakes and "oh my god's". He hails from the Richard Pryor Hard Knock Academy. He's also had an anti-gay bit for some time now. If you're gay and/or offended by such jokes, WHY DID YOU GO TO THE SHOW? I find it hard to believe someone would spend the money on a ticket without knowing what Tracy Morgan is all about.

Tracy did do the right thing and apologize but I hope that doesn't compromise his act by forcing him to edit jokes (of any kind) in the future. Comedy should be a protected art form of expression in my opinion. It's an act, hence comedy ACT. One that is intended to make you laugh. When did humor become offensive?

Rich Ledoux would like to issue an apology in advance to anyone who mistook his opinion as evidence of fact that he condones the hatred or violence toward the gay and lesbian community or others.