The Gallatin Equestrian Partnership (GallEP) has cancelled and is rescheduling its Sunday, May 22nd annual Urban Riding Safety Clinic, due to an outbreak of Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) that has led to the death of horses in several states. According to the Montana Department of Livestock, EHV-1 can cause a wide range of symptoms, from a complete lack of clinical signs to fever, nasal discharge, incoordination, hind-end weakness, lethargy, urine dribbling and diminished tail tone. It also can cause acute paralytic syndrome, which results in high mortality. The virus is easily spread by airborne transmission, horse-to-horse contact and by contact with nasal secretions on equipment, tack, feed and other surfaces. The disease does not affect humans, however, people can spread the virus to horses by means of contaminated hands, clothing, shoes and vehicles. MDOL is advising that all events be cancelled through the end of May, to allow for a complete incubation period and stop the spread of this disease to Montana. Any person suspecting or confirming a case of EHV‐1 should call the Montana Department of Livestock at (406) 444‐2043.

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