Since I'm married to a meteorologist, I see a lot of weather stuff. Even by my somewhat jaded attitude, I was very impressed by a new video that shows what looks like a tsunami happening in the sky.

This was just shared recently after a thunderstorm was about to roll through Belgrade, Montana. Check out the rolling action of these clouds.

What exactly is a squall cloud? Even with the involuntary things I learn about weather from my wife, I had to look it up. Here's the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition:

a ragged light gray rolling cloud usually located beneath the dark cloud mass of an advancing thunderstorm

Wikipedia takes this a step further and mentions you'll frequently see this type of cloud action ahead of a gust front.

I'm not to proud to admit that I still don't know what that means. Here's the one thing I am certain about. Our big skies allow us to witness some amazing nature. Here in Casper I've seen many a cloud bank that appears to hug Casper Mountain as it rolls through our area. It also makes for wildly unpredictable winter storms where you can get a foot of snow on the mountain and practically nothing in the city.

This squall cloud is one of the many things that makes our western skies constantly interesting.

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