Interviewing a band can sometimes be an intimidating affair, but in this new clip, two kids handle a live chat with Queens of the Stone Age with ease. The 12-year-old girls sat down with QOTSA's Josh Homme and Dean Fertita before a show in Ohio to pick their collective brains on pretty much everything that is important in a pre-teen world including topics like 'American Idol' and Halloween.

With questions like ‘”What movie or TV show character were you afraid of when you were a kid?” and “Who’s your favorite Muppet?”, Home and Fertita entertain each and every query, proving to be great sports.

When asked what song he would perform if he was on ‘American Idol,’ instead of laughing at the idea Homme infused some comedy into the clip sharing that he’d sing ‘I Will Always Love You’ but in the style of Celine Dion. This quickly making Celine Dion the running joke throughout the rest of the interview.

Although Fertita was at a loss for words when asked the same 'American Idol' question, Homme helped him out, answering, “Whatever song he sang, he would sing it in the style of Celine Dion.” He further explained, “It’s our way of coping with things we don’t like.”

While there were absolutely no questions about their music or current tour, Queens of the Stone Age’s latest disc ‘…Like Clockwork’ debuted in June of 2013. The band is currently out on tour in support of it with dates spanning through December.

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