This may be normal, but I've never seen or heard of it before. Here's video of a steam vent in Yellowstone Lake.

Quick disclaimer: I'm not a scientist and this may be normal for Yellowstone National Park, but I've never heard of it before and can't find any documentation online of this happening. But, during my recent family vacation to Yellowstone, I witnessed two steam vents actually located IN Yellowstone Lake.

Here's where we noticed these vents. They were on the extreme northern edge of Yellowstone Lake.

Google Maps

I did some digging online to see if anyone else had documented this and all I could find are the steam vents that are located on dry land (so to speak) inside of Yellowstone like the ones described by National Geographic. Even the official Yellowstone National Park website doesn't mention any vents IN Yellowstone Lake.

Here's a close-up pic of one of the 2 vents we saw.

Doc Holliday

I have to believe this must be a normal hydro-thermal feature in the park. Or, is it? If not, what's going on?