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Spray Paint Artist, Graffiti Artist, Street Artist...whatever you call him, Wyomings "Rugie" is one heck of a talented guy.

Rugie (pronounced Rug-E) whose real name is Chris Ruegsegger, is a Casper resident who creates unique art that is instantly recognizable as his.

From massive spray paint murals to acrylic art, and even custom shoes...Rugie does it all.

Rugie via Facebook
Rugie via Facebook

When I came across a video of him creating some Bucking Horse art in his studio I knew I had to watch it to see the end result.

And I was NOT disappointed.

Is it just me who can't stop watching videos of artists creating?

Maybe it's because I have not even half an ounce of artistic ability, but I find it fascinating to sit and see the process of how an idea in someone's head can turn into something that everyone can see and appreciate.

In Rugie's video, you can see how what looks like a simple outline of our state's symbol soon turns into something more.

It's a neon Bucking Horse!

Rugie307 via Facebook
Rugie307 via Facebook

Maye if Rugie gets enough of a response on this video, he'll create some canvas art that looks like this so we can ALL have it on our wall. Wouldn't it look great in the My Country 95.5 studio? Though, I bet Drew would like this painting of an Elk better...




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