If you believe in our impending doom on December 21, 2012, then this year is the last chance to celebrate Halloween ever! Let's make it the best Halloween celebration Bozeman has ever known! Inside I've got horror movies, parties, dances, runs, walks, ghosts and much more!

Halloween in itself is a tradition that has been passed down for centuries. The meaning varies immensely but my years in Bozeman have taught me most everyone in the Gallatin Valley loves to celebrate in one way or another!

Halloween Concerts

Do it Kappa Halloween 2010

Nearly every venue in town hosts a Halloween themed show with costume contests, fun Halloween decor and activities. Check out our event calendar for all of the Halloween Concerts going on this year.

Blood Thirsty Thursdays

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, grab some friends, some beverages, a couch and a good horror/thriller/slasher flick and watch the blood fly! My favorites are the extremely corny and campy horror movies! I would also recommend any sit-com Halloween special such as Home Improvement, Boy Meets World, Friends and Scrubs.

Group Photos

DJOtaku, Flickr

Do you work tirelessly on your Halloween costume each year? Don't let the night go by without documenting you and your friends' masterpieces. I would recommend staging the photo shoot before it gets ruined by the festivities of the night.

Haunted Houses

Anderson School Haunted House

Haunted Houses are always a great time with friends. One of the best Haunted House walk throughs in the Gallatin Valley is Feral Gulch and they have already released their promo video for the upcoming 2012 Halloween celebration. You can watch the promo and footage of last years Haunted House on their website www.fearmine.com. Also, check out a list of Haunted Houses around Bozeman.

Hay Bale Maze

Hay Bale Maze 2012

Not as scary as a Haunted House but just as fun. Hay Bail Mazes are great with friends. I visited the Hay Bail Maze off of North 7th Street for the first time last year and I had a blast! Next time I'm definitely dressing up and challenging my friends to a race to the finish! See an overview of this year's straw bale maze design.

Zombie Walk

Naomi Zatoroski Photography

There is a group in Bozeman that organizes a Zombie walk each year! You can see their website here (They have great photos of the 2010 event!) If anyone wants to help round up 100 to 200 zombies, I'd be down to adorn some fake flesh and makeup and spread terror across Bozeman!

Carve Pumpkins

Not too original but it's a Halloween necessity. This goes great with Blood Thirsty Thursdays - nothing like watching a horror flick while generating your best pumpkin art. Kids, always carve pumpkins under adult supervision!

On October 20th, Kenyon Noble in Bozeman, Belgrade and Livingston are hosting their annual Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Halloween Pranks


Whether you dress up as a stuffed scare crow to scare trick-or-treaters or you convince your roommate that you are possessed, adding a bit of fright into the world can be quite hilarious for half the people involved! What's your best Halloween prank?

Halloween Themed Treats


The possibilities are endless. Just take a gander at this Pinterest search of 'Halloween Food' and you'll have more ideas than an immortal vampire could ever concoct.

Search for EVP's

Paramount Insurge

If you already know what EVP stands for, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you, my fellow geek. If you don't, you probably don't want to know. EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon and refers to electronic audio recordings of voices from the beyond such as ghosts, spirits and demons. They can be picked up by any electronic audio recording device. Did your hairs just stand on end? Visit this website to get more info and try to discover some on your own. My history teacher in High School shared his personal favorites he discovered to our whole class. I've never yet worked up the courage to attempt my own EVP hunt.

Go Ghost Hunting


This goes right along with EVPs and will likely put chill in your bones. I made a list of haunted places around Bozeman to help you coordinate your hunt. Let me know if you find anything worth sharing!

Host a Halloween Party

Neilson Barnard - Getty Images

Invite all of your closest friends over and theme the party to make it really fun!

What are some great themes you ask?

  • Abraham Lincoln (Find out who looks best in a beard - real or fake)
  • Your favorite movie (Harry Potter, True Blood, Grey's Anatomy etc.)
  • Your Favorite Book (Everyone's own take on the characters)
  • Your Favorite Video Game (Fun for the younger crowd or the crowd that still lives with the parents)
  • All Villains (Dress as villains from books, movies, TV and Video Games)
  • Disney Characters (Any Disney character)
  • Anything but Human (Tree - OK, Crocodile - OK, Submarine - OK, Justin Bieber - NO)
  • Different Nationality (Try to learn facts of your assigned country and stay in character the whole night, theme the food  and drinks too!)
Halloween Costume Run
This Halloween, dress up in your favorite costume and run through the town like never before during the Wind Drinkers Annual Halloween Costume Run! On October 27th, 2012, runners in costume will meet at Grant and 11th (right by the high rise dorms) and depart on the runner's choice of a one, three or five mile run. Prizes will be awarded for the best costumes!
Halloween Ball
Photo by flickr user SansPoint
October 27th at 8pm the Bozeman Formal Dance Club will be hosting its annual Halloween Ball! This year’s Halloween Ball theme is ‘A Celebration of American History, Culture, and Entertainment.’

What are some unique ways you celebrate All Hallows Eve, Bozeman? Let us know in the comments below. If it is terrifyingly terrific, I'll add your tradition to the list!