This sounds like a program I would have loved when I was growing up. Yellowstone National Park announced in a press release that it will be constructing/expanding the youth campus at Mammoth Hot Springs by 2022 just in time for Yellowstone's 150th anniversary.

If you didn't know, this campus was built in 1978 and apparently needs some serious updates.

Bill Schaefer/Getty Images

They are planning to build the to have renewable energy for the whole campus and will be able to hold up to 140 kids, which is more than double what it used to hold. This is a program that helps teach sustainability, everything that goes on in a national park, hopefully inspire future learners to take care of our National Parks.

First off, I grew up in Montana, and I had no idea they had this program. It sounds amazingly cool. Nothing is better than a beautiful national park and learning what happens every single day and how to keep it pristine.


For more details, check out Yellowstone National Park's website.