It might need a little polishing but WHO WOULDN'T want to live in a converted fire station? Just THINK of those garage parties you could have...I mean, the building is like, 60% garage. Plus it looks like there are old jail cells in the basement?

On a serious note, since the Police and Fire Department that currently occupy 34 North Rouse will be moving to the new facility down the road soon, Fire Station #1 is officially for sale.

The trick seems to be that you'll be 'making an offer' on this particular piece of property. Other than tax references, I couldn't find any specifics on what PRICE the City of Bozeman is asking for or looking to fetch.

According to the official LoopNet listing: "Offers will be reviewed on November 8, 2021, at 10:30 AM (MST)".

Technically, you've got over 9,300 square feet here. But since it has so much open space and is reasonably dated, you're going to end up spending a pretty penny bringing things up to date. (Of course you have to get the pole safely functioning, right?)

No doubt, this dated building is in a stellar location in downtown Bozeman. In fact, you don't really GET more downtown than Fire Station #1. It's literally on the corner of Mendenhall and North Rouse.

It probably won't turn out this way, but I'm hoping somebody buys this property and keeps it for personal use. I'm sure that's not at all practical, but I don't care. Another building of million dollar condos ain't what this place needs. A funky-as-hell private residence that's a converted fire station. Heck yeah!

As of October 21st, 2021 the listing is with Ryan Springer of Sterling Commercial Real Estate Advisors (406) 579-5586. (Sterling Commercial Real Estate Advisors).

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