What on earth does DND mean? It means peace and quiet to an attention deficit person like myself. It stands for Do Not Disturb. We got a fancy new phone system in the office (a couple of years ago) which I don't know how to use so I thought I'd save everyone a lot of trouble and just not use it.

Well, not really. But I get a sizeable amount of phone calls here at the office and it's next to impossible to get any work done at my desk when that thing is having a party. Do Not Disturb isn't (to me) a statement of "your phone call isn't important", because they all are. It's me. Not you. I can't do two things at once. My brain is only capable of doing one task at a time.

My problem then continues by forgetting to check voicemails. I despise voicemail. That's another 20 minutes of sitting at my desk trying to multi-task writing myself messages that could have been avoided had I just answered the phone to begin with. What's a girl to do?

Should YOU ever need to get a hold of me for any reason, send me an email. I'm chained to my smartphone at all times so you and I both know that I'll get your message AND return it.

To my boss who I'm sure is reading this, please know that I have other amazing talents and great qualities. But dealing with the phone is not one of them. That's why DND 3 is my friend. -Michelle

Not Michelle's Best Friend