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Sunday Brunch- 12.18.11- SLAM Holiday Showcase
The S.L.A.M. (Support your Local Artists and Musicians) Holiday Showcase is in the final hours today. It is happening until 5pm today. You will find jewelry, artwork, pottery, clothing, metal smith work and more all created by local artists and craftspeople. It is inside a retail space on the nort…
Sunday Brunch- 11.27.11- Playlist Downloads
Hey.... get this! :)
This is BRILLIANT! :) Very happy to offer this to you, now you can download each of the tracks with a simple click. We plan on doing this each week from now on! See you next Sunday right here on 95.1 The Moose
Enjoy! L....
Sunday Brunch- 11.27.11- Playlist
Thanks for listening this morning. Hope you had a wonderful Holiday weekend.  Make it a great week. See you next Sunday 9-noon at 95-1 or at www.mooseradio.com
Playlist for 11.27.11
Norah Jones- Wish I Could- Not Too Late
Jacob Dylan- Something Good This Way Comes- Seeing Things
Tony Furtado- Bones- Go…
Sunday Brunch- 11.20.11- Huffing for Stuffing
This event is 5 years strong. It has become a Bozeman tradition. Thanks to the vision of two local runners, John Dudas and J.C. They both moved here from other parts of the U.S. and have made Bozeman home. Thanks to them, we now have this perfect event, on the perfect day for the perfect cause...
Sunday Brunch- Bonus- Gluten Free Lifestyle
Yes, I had a Bakery that is now a custom, by order only operation.  And what I know is that there is one thing that cannot be denied. The increase in people living a gluten free lifestyle by choice and not so much by choice is on the rise. It is very prevalent in this little town. From what I hear f…
Sunday Brunch- 11.13.11- Famous Scones
I seemed to have teased you with this a few months ago and then forgot to actually post it. I am posting it with a bit stealth though.  Those of you who read it- you get the recipe. Thousands of these have been made at my old Bakery and enjoyed by many a Bozemanite, Butte resident &&nbs…
Sit in Sunday Brunch- 11.6.11- Jim Averitt
Jim Averitt has been in Bozeman a long time but he grew up among the waves of Southern and Central California, toured, traveled & kicked around before settling in our little town.  He is a friend magnet. He is well respected and liked by many, all of Bozeman included. Am...
Sit in Sunday Brunch- 10.30.11- Conrad Anker
This is the happy guy who finally made it into the studio this morning to co-host the Sunday Brunch. We have been talking about it forever. He arrived on his bike with a little rucksack full of tunes and a computer.
Conrad Anker is a famous guy for lil' ole Bozeman...
Sunday Brunch- 10.23.11- Ryan Adams- Ashes & Fire
It's good, really good.  Highly recommended. Put the CD in and let it go. I promise, in about :35 minutes or so you'll be pressing start... again. And thus your love affair with Ryan Adams begins, or rather continues, whatever the case might be...
Sunday Brunch- 10.16.11- Playlist
There is some good new music from seasoned artists in this list. Get in there and explore the CD's. Enjoy!  See you next Sunday Morning for the Sunday Brunch on the Moose 9am-noon at mooseradio.com at 95-1 FM, Bozeman or on Radio Pup.
Steve Earle- Over Yonder- Trancendental Blues
Colin Hay- Simple Son…
Sunday Brunch- 10.9.11- playlist

Sunday Acoustic Brunch - 95-1 The Moose
streaming live worldwide at www.mooseradio.com and via android and iphone with Radio Pup app.

John Mellencamp- For the Children- Life Death Love and Freedom
John Wesley Harding- Waterloo Sunset- John Wesley Harding’s New Deal
Gillian Welch- Good Till Now- Hell Amo…

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