Flu And Cold Season Has Begun
You've probably had a round or two of crud stream through your workplace already this season. We have too. However, nobody has contracted whatever strain of flu we're supposed to see the season as of yet.
Chaos Is Brilliance, Right?
Although I'm fairly well known as being picky, bossy, snappy and significantly OCD, my desk is always trashed. Without exception. On any given day of the week it will be piled with music, papers, mail, coffee cups, candy, whatever.
Throwing My Golf Club
It's no secret that I use golf as therapy. Even though I'm in therapy. But something interesting happened yesterday on the golf course....
My Life. In Piles.
Without going into the sordid details, I'll say this: my life is in transition. Just keep telling yourself that change is good and maybe you'll believe it. Or perhaps, like me, you'll just crack another Budweiser and pack up another box of your stuff.
DND 3 Is My New Best Friend
What on earth does DND mean? It means peace and quiet to an attention deficit person like myself. It stands for Do Not Disturb. We got a fancy new phone system in the office (a couple of years ago) which I don't know how to use so I thought I'd save everyone a lot of trouble and just not u…
Being A Bozeman Local Has A Price. A High One.
It's rarely argued that Bozeman's a cool place. It's still got that small town feel but is big enough to have all the amenities you'd find in larger cities like big box stores, chains of all kinds and even discount specialty shops. Being a pretty hard core local myself (whatever …
It’s Your Town. Get Involved.
Everybody's got an opinion about something, so why not REALLY let your voice be heard in Bozeman? One of the best ways to do that is to participate within a Citizen Advisory Board. The list is long, like a college course menu and there's sure to be a group for you. Library? Downtown? Beaut…
Introducing, Jack Wolfe
It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I'm very fond of my father, Jack Wolfe. Not because I'm supposed to by law but because he's truly one of the coolest, smartest and most patient people I know.
The More You Gamble, The More You Win
So in addition to the night on the town paid for by my friend Angel in Missoula due to the Bobcat win, I made several other bets on the Cat/Griz game. My friend, Andy Hintzpeter, who actually works across the street from our studios was talking smack on Facebook. So naturally I bet him too.
Weekends With Friends
I've said this before and will say it again many times before I die, but two of my favorite things on the planet are cold beer and good friends. My weekend was filled with both.
Bozeman Rocks San Diego
Coming this February, The MOOSE hopes to have something very special on mooseradio.com: A live stream of the fantastic performances at Michele Clark's 2011 Sunset Sessions in San Diego, and Michelle Wolfe will be there.

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