Videos of kid athletes achieving new heights and breaking tough records always give us a welcome kick in the head. That’s because we know they are too young for human growth hormones and they have their whole life ahead of them to risk their talent and honor for money and fame.

“Half Pint” skateboarder Tom Schaar accomplished just such a feat — he completed a 1080-degree spin on his own private mega ramp.

For you math majors out there, that’s three complete spins on one jump. Still not impressed? No one, not even the great Tony Hawk, has EVER accomplished this elusive feat of skateboarding, according to Skateboarding Magazine.

This moment is barely the equivalent of skateboarding an entire loop followed by jumping a car while switching decks in mid-air. Oh and you also have to be on fire. THEN you can start to work your way up to this accomplishment.

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