Vegas is a popular destination for Bozeman folks. With Allegiant Air flying direct twice a week with crazy cheap fairs, it's no wonder. But, sorry: I'M NOT GOING TO VEGAS WITH YOU. (Pictured: Erin and me in Sin City.)This week alone, I've been asked to go to Vegas three times. Not sure why I'm a popular choice for a travel companion to Sin City, but.... wait. I do know why I'm a popular choice. But that's not where I'm going with this.

I only go to Las Vegas once a year or so. With good reason. I'll gamble. I'll drink. I'll smoke. I love to eat great food. I love to get dressed up and party. I love to catch a good buzz before noon by the pool. I love to walk around the town and watch the crazy people. Needless to say, Vegas is not good for me. And that's why I said "no" three different times this week. I have to be extremely careful about who I go with—they need to already have a pretty good understanding (and tolerance) of my vices and mood swings. Just being honest.

My first pick for my Vegas Dodgeball Team will always be Erin Phillips from my sister station MY 103-5. She has to wake up just as early as me, so when we're pretty drunk by the pool at 10am, it's just not that big of a deal. We've already been up for 6 hours. She also doesn't really gamble but is totally cool at least trying all the crazy crap I order at the fancy Japanese restaurant.

Vegas is fantasy land. It's not real life. At all. It's certainly not at all what I wished my life of leisure was like, either. With that said, we just booked our trip for February. You can't say "no" all the time.

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