Michelle Wolfe

Screw It. I’m Getting a 2nd Job in Bozeman. But Where?
I can't take it anymore. There are just too many well-paying opportunities to pass up and we all know local businesses of every sector are desperate to hire additional staff. It won't be forever but money speaks to me and I'm ready to trade my off hours for an additional paycheck.
How Weird Is YOUR Pet?
This is my cat. This is dirty hockey gear. This is my cat face down in dirty hockey gear. It's so weird that you don't know if you should shoo him away or just turn your head and leave him me. So gross.
There’s Nothing Wrong With Ordering Seeds in December
It never fails. As soon as winter begins, I start daydreaming about gardens blooming and pots full of fragrant herbs on the front porch. However, we've got a ways to go before seeds should even be started. Didn't stop me from ordering a bunch of seeds for the upcoming season though!
Home Sick Advice
When you're sick, I DO believe you get to do whatever makes you feel better. Sleep as much as you can. Eat whatever tastes good. Just drink a ton of water and stay your ass at home. Banish yourself with the following and you'll (hopefully) be back on your feet tomorrow.
Michelle the Mechanic
I love cars. I love DRIVING cars. Automatic transmissions bore the hell out of me as a driver. WORKING ON cars is another matter.

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