Michelle Wolfe

There's Nothing Wrong With Ordering Seeds in December
It never fails. As soon as winter begins, I start daydreaming about gardens blooming and pots full of fragrant herbs on the front porch. However, we've got a ways to go before seeds should even be started. Didn't stop me from ordering a bunch of seeds for the upcoming season though!
Michelle's Cat May Kill Her [VIDEO]
Sure he's good looking, but this cat is positively capable of murder. Now I understand why people turn into crazy cat people: They have to document their animals for fear of becoming a gruesome headline.
Confessions Of A Seed Addict
Gardening is a hobby. A profession for some, but most of us just enjoy the simplicity of growing herbs, vegetables, flowers and other plants because we CAN.
Apparently I Shop Online When I'm Annoyed
I like to spend my dollars locally whenever possible but apparently that goes out the window on evenings when I'm pissed off. A ginormous box showed up on my doorstep today. Ahhhh, that's right. I ordered a bunch of stuff the other night...
Are We Still Loyal to Certain Brands?
I'm not sure if I am hyper loyal to certain brands or just comfortably obsessive. Either way, I'll show you my list if you show me yours. (Clearly, Aerial7 headphones make the list.)

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