Michelle Wolfe

There's Nothing Wrong With Ordering Seeds in December
It never fails. As soon as winter begins, I start daydreaming about gardens blooming and pots full of fragrant herbs on the front porch. However, we've got a ways to go before seeds should even be started. Didn't stop me from ordering a bunch of seeds for the upcoming season though!
Michelle's Cat May Kill Her [VIDEO]
Sure he's good looking, but this cat is positively capable of murder. Now I understand why people turn into crazy cat people: They have to document their animals for fear of becoming a gruesome headline.
Confessions Of A Seed Addict
Gardening is a hobby. A profession for some, but most of us just enjoy the simplicity of growing herbs, vegetables, flowers and other plants because we CAN.
Apparently I Shop Online When I'm Annoyed
I like to spend my dollars locally whenever possible but apparently that goes out the window on evenings when I'm pissed off. A ginormous box showed up on my doorstep today. Ahhhh, that's right. I ordered a bunch of stuff the other night...
Are We Still Loyal to Certain Brands?
I'm not sure if I am hyper loyal to certain brands or just comfortably obsessive. Either way, I'll show you my list if you show me yours. (Clearly, Aerial7 headphones make the list.)
Michelle's Garden
As I've discussed many times, gardening is therapy for me. With no training, classes or skill my only desire each day is to come home and look at my flowers. Whatever is blooming and it doesn't matter what kind.

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