Chuck Norris is many things: a kickboxer, a martial arts master, a conservative pundit, an author, a beard wrangler, a face puncher, a small town sheriff and (above all else) a lover.

He’s also, and we were quite surprised to learn this, an actor after someone took the time to create the ultimate Chuck Norris trailer for a movie called ‘Chuck Norris: The Movie.’ We think they could have come up with something with a bit more punch for the title.

1. ‘Beard Science’

2. ‘That’s My Boy(‘s Head Over There in the Corner After Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kicked It Clean Off His Body)’

3. ‘Schindler’s Fist’

4. ‘To Kick a Mockingbird’

5. ‘Seeking a Friend for the End of the World That Was Caused By Chuck Norris’

6. ‘The Naked Punch’

7. ‘Das Boot to the Face’

8. ‘Tyler Perry Presents Walker, Texas Ranger: The Movie’

9. ‘There Will Be Beard’

10. ‘Finding Nemo Got His Ass Handed To Him By Chuck ##*$ing Norris’

11. ‘Big Momma’s Roundhouse’

12. ‘A Fistful of Facial Hair’

13. ‘Break Faces at Tiffany’s’

14. ‘The 400 Blows to the Face’

15. ‘Step Up…Off the Ground After Chuck Norris Put Your Sorry Butt There’

16. ‘Four Funerals and a Funeral’

17. ‘UPpercut’

18. ‘Snakes and Chuck Norris on a Plane’

19. ‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Kicker’

20. ‘The Joy Chuck Club’

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