The new Jeep commercial takes all of the best aspects of summer and combines them into one happy-go-lucky ad: driving with the windows down, grilling on the patio, relaxing on the beach, hitting the waves, and partying into the night -- all while the perfect summer soundtrack plays in the background. What's the song?

In case you couldn't recognize his trademark voice, it's Michael Jackson's 'Love Never Felt So Good,' the first single off of his new posthumous release, 'Xscape.' While Justin Timberlake also sings on the tune, the Jeep commercial solely samples Jackson's catchy chorus, which is the perfect feel-good number to accompany the bright and summery commercial. While the track was originally recorded as a demo by Jackson in 1983, it wasn't reworked and later released -- with Timberlake's parts -- until earlier this month. Listen to it in the Jeep commercial above.

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