This annual event is a great way for you and the kids to see and meet Montana State University football players, the spirit squad, school administrators and CHAMP as they all stroll downtown on Friday.

Bobcat Fest 2013MSU photo by Kelly Gorham

The 8th annual Cat Walk will happen this Friday from 11am until 1pm. Not only does the crew stroll Main Street but they'll make pit stops in local businesses along the way.

(MAIN STREET WILL NOT BE CLOSED FOR THIS EVENT. Everyboday will just be strolling on the sidewalks!)

It's a fun chance to see the Spirit of the West Marching Band along with the Cheer Squad. And YES......there are plenty of chances for pictures this Friday!

This event is absolutely free, you just have to get yourself to Main Street to connect with all the fun Montana State folks.

According to the official Press Release:

  • The walk will begin at 11 a.m. at First Interstate Bank, located at Grand Avenue and Main Street, and move east down the south side of Main Street.
  • It will stop into several businesses along the way.
  • Mid-way through the event, walkers will make a 30-minute stop at Soroptimist Park, located at Rouse Avenue and Main Street, for refreshments and for autographs from the fall and winter athletics teams.
  • Then, walkers will head west down the north side of Main Street, again stopping into businesses.
  • The downtown walk will end at Wells Fargo Bank, located at Grand Avenue and Main Street, at 1 p.m.

Here's a quick look at what the Cat Walk looked like last year....

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