There ARE habits of highly effective Bite of Bozeman goers. We've learned the best ways to enjoy the (crowded, chaotic and fun) Bite of Bozeman without missing out on the best snacks, losing your friends in the crowds or just losing your mind.

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  • Do you need a Sweet Pea wristband to attend the Bite of Bozeman? NO
  • TIME: Sweet Pea’s Bite of Bozeman, 5:30-8:30 pm on Main Street
  • Wednesday, July 31st, 2019
  • There is NO OPEN CONTAINER WAIVER for this event. (That means NO alcohol on the street, only in restaurants and bars)
  • Leave the dogs at home. Seriously. Food and crowds, enough said.
  • It's crowded. But don't sweat it, just roll with it. Making hard plans can be foolish, however, as you'll find that where you PLANNED on meeting everyone has a line out the door. Think differently for The Bite. Meet at a less popular bar or restaurant and go from there.
  • MAKE RESERVATIONS if you need a table at a specific restaurant. This is one of the busiest food nights of the year. (But strolling Main Street can be more fun!)
  • Consider taking a LYFT or UBER. Parking gets tough with this popular event.
  • BRING TONS OF SMALLER BILLS, instead of nothing but $20s. You'll find it easier to buy from vendors and it makes their life easier too.
  • Try food trucks you've never seen before! Sure, we've got our favorites but you KNOW you'll see those guys again soon at any event. Give a shot to the tasty treat you've never had.
  • Bite of Bozeman is NOT THE NIGHT to try one of the new motorized scooters :-)
  • Bring your own hand wipes. Really, if you like to try a little of everything you'll be a mess by the end of The Bite! No searching for extra napkins :-)
Photo Credit: Jesse Ropelato
Photo Credit: Jesse Ropelato

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