'Travel people' think about traveling every day. Every. Single. Day. Even under the most normal of global circumstances I find myself in a constant state of creating my next adventure abroad.

During the last year of COVID-19 and staying home, lockdowns, what have you...I really haven't gone anywhere. Like, anywhere. I just wrote the year off.

2020 was PACKED with international trips for me that were already booked and paid for. Then, COVID.

Cancel, cancel, cancel, cancel. We all cancelled. No matter if it was a fancy trip to Europe or an epic road trip to see the cousins 5 states away.

Sure, after a while folks were able to re-create minor domestic trips but I think most of us can agree it was NOT AT ALL normal in any respect. (That's why I just didn't bother.)

Now that we seem to be turning a corner, I've noticed the PLANNING AND DAYDREAMING has returned.

  1. I'm never going to waste a vacation day ever again. I used to do it all the time. Vacation time at my place of employment is "use it or lose it". I'm going to use it. EVERY MINUTE OF IT.
  2. In countries where it's appropriate, I'm going to tip even better than I do now. I'm full of flaws but tipping is NOT one of them. From meals to hotel housekeeping, I was always taught to take care of those who take care of you. Plus, the service industry has obviously been HAMMERED this past year.
  3. Use the opportunity to really immerse in language. It's one thing to 'practice' a new language at home but there's nothing better than putting it to use in another country. You learn more foreign language in a week somewhere else than you learn in 6 months at home. (My Spanish is fine but daaaaamn....the French I've been trying to learn for the last year is less than impressive.)
  4. I'm going to use more local services when abroad. Restaurants are easy...I mean, who the hell eats at a chain restaurant when they're in London, Paris or Montreal? Half the fun of traveling for me is eating at funky, local restaurants and pubs. But let's kick that up a notch to include salons and stuff. Why can't I get my hair cut and styled while on vacation? I don't think I've ever done that. Treat yourself to a blow-out every couple of days.
  5. Visit as many neighborhoods as humanly possible. Even the sketchy ones. We all know big AND little cities have neighborhoods with distinct personalities. It's just not that hard to get off the beaten path and wander the parks and shops of the way less touristy areas. You'll always find gems...from tacos to jewelry to street art.

So I'm not quite sure when I'll be comfortable hopping on a plane and leaving the country. I know several people who have already done it a few times. Either way, I'll be ready as hell to explore, enjoy and learn. Here's to Bon Voyage in 2021...sometime...

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