Two big differences: lots of years and COVID-19. MSU students moving into student housing this week have to follow an ungodly amount of rules. Tis the norm in the age of a pandemic. 

I guess we should be happy they get to move in to student housing at all. Can you imagine the cluster if universities decided to completely shut that option down? Local economies would crumble even further than they already have. Students are important to a town like this.

So...Here's what the students are dealing with this week as they participate in "Move-In Week" on the MSU campus.

  • All students are required to sign-up for a move-in time
  • Each student will have 2-hours to move into their room
  • (FYI - Fall 2020 Move-In is scheduled between Monday, August 10 - Sunday, August 16, 2020.)
  • All students and family members are required to wear a mask when they enter the residence halls.
  • All students are limited to 2 family members or guests in the building.
  • Residence Life is asking students and families to consider shipping personal belongings and items to their specific residence hall ahead of time to reduce the amount of items that are needed to move into the building during the move-in process. (That sounds cheap, eh?)
  • For those students that live in Yellowstone, Hyalite, or Hapner Halls only, you have the ability to rent a ski locker and/or a spot in the secure bike storage area for the academic year.
  • MSU will be placing various markers on the ground identifying specific spots to either wait for an elevator or wait for service at our front desks.
  • MSU staff will be wiping down all move-in carts in between each individuals use of the carts with disinfectant wipes.

Yeah, that's not 79 but you get my drift that "Move-In Week" is probably zero fun this year compared to ANY OTHER YEAR. MSU staff is taking safety very seriously and I do NOT mean to take away from that in any way. But starting college is supposed to be exciting, fun and chaotic. Not doused in sanitizer.

We wish you all the best of luck not only getting all your stuff in the building in 2 hours, but really...the best of luck with this coming year. It's never been like this and we've got your back.

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