Livingston is one of my top 5 places on the planet to hang out. In fact, my family used to have a house on the Yellowstone River several years back, making Livingston somewhat of a second home to me in the mid nineties. But back then it was more about the fishing. Now it's about the city, the people, the food and the atmosphere.

Livingston, Montana - Michelle Wolfe
Photo by Michelle Wolfe/KMMS

On Friday afternoon, I ventured over the hill. There wasn't much of a plan except dinner and a few beers. No expectations (which was good because it ended up being a VERY quiet evening around town.)

We made early reservations at the 2nd Street Bistro. We're no stranger to the Bistro but I had not been there in quite some time and the last time wasn't for a sit down dinner.

Gotta say: It was the perfect start to a well rounded Livingston Friday night.

I had the penne and cheese with chicken and my friend had the duck special. A couple of "pink tulip" cocktails, too much home-made french bread and we were extremely happy ladies. Our table was right by the kitchen which I actually enjoyed very much. The chefs were slammed, and it was fun to watch the expediter orchestrate a full house Friday night.

Murray Hotel at night
Photo by Michelle Wolfe/KMMS

After dinner, it was next door to The Murray Bar. (By the way, if you're looking for a place to stay in the heart of downtown to enjoy all these places we went, visit the historic Murray Hotel.) Ah, The Murray. How I love you and your rotating cast of locals, tourists, weird dudes and service industry regulars.  Your regulation size pool table always ready to embarrass me. And your bartenders are hot. Just thought I'd throw that in there.

Next was the Park Place Tavern. I hadn't been in there before, but had noticed their incredible front patio area which I can only imagine would be my favorite hang in the summer time. Risky, however, since we all know that warm weather lasts about 12 minutes per year in these parts.


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