Bozeman Schools Superintendent Rob Watson announced this morning that Bozeman Public Schools are open today and buses are running on schedule.

"After careful consideration and consultation with local officials and our transportation department early this morning, we have made the decision to continue with school as normal today. We know that more snow is expected later today. We will continue to watch carefully and will make decisions regarding after school activities later today. Please go to our website ( and look for the "Inclement Weather" page for more information regarding this decision."

Thank you,
Rob Watson

Also, the superintendent has indicated that the school district is going to revisit the naming of the new Bozeman High School. It was announced earlier this week that Bozeman Westslope would be the new name. Immediate opposition to the new name (see and take our poll by clicking here) has now caused the district to possibly reconsider their choice.

A special meeting is being called to re-visit the issue, possibly as early as this Monday. We will let you know when a definitive date and time is announced.

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