Aaron Sorkin has always been a bit ahead of the game. Back in the days when television was still considered a place for actors to go when their film career had dried up, Sorkin proved himself to be medium agnostic, moving between film (A Few Good MenThe American President) and television (Sports NightThe West Wing) without any drop in quality or prestige. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that Sorkin is once again looking at an emerging format, this time the virtual classroom, to share some of the things he has learned over his career.

On Wednesday, Sorkin and MasterClass (via Vulture) announced a Summer 2016 course on screenwriting that would include 25 video tutorials and even online office hours to discuss select projects. This is not the first major talent to partner with MasterClass; you can also take acting lessons from Kevin Spacey or directing lessons from Werner Herzog, all for the low price of $90 per enrollment.

Aaron Sorkin wrote his first movie on cocktail napkins. Those napkins turned into A Few Good Men, starring Jack Nicholson. Now, the Academy Award winning writer of The West Wing and The Social Network is teaching screenwriting. You’ll learn his rules of storytelling, dialogue, character development, and what makes a script actually sell. By the end, you’ll write unforgettable screenplays.

There has always been a bit of a divide between those in the industry who think you should attend film school and those who think you should dive right into making a movie and learn as you go. For those curious about the process of screenwriting — or those who feel they need to bring their writing game to the next level — the opportunity to learn directly from Sorkin may be just the right fit for them. Our recommendation? Stream the videos on your phone or tablet as you walk around the house. It wouldn’t be an Aaron Sorkin project without the walk-and-talk.