Vegetarians and vegans. For a long time I've mocked you but on a recent trip to Las Vegas, I began to see how challenging it is to find a good vegetarian menu or even vegetarian OPTIONS. (Vegans are still annoying.)

My friend Keith has been a vegetarian for many years. Every time we have a meal together, we need to scope out the menus of a few different places just to make sure they've got SOMETHING on the menu that he will eat. I've never found our searches (or Keith) to be annoying because it was never a big deal and Keith doesn't care if we end up at a burger joint, as long as there was something available for him.

That's a pretty crappy way to have to go to a restaurant. "Find something I will eat". There's only so much pasta, salads and veggie burgers a person wants to eat. Sure, it's their choice to be vegetarian or (gasp!) vegan but I guess it would be easier on us carnivores if restaurants made it easier FOR US to have lunch with our vegetarian friends.

Yes....I totally made this about me.

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