Adele has not revealed the name of her first son since the baby was born last October, but a piece of jewelry worn by the British singer may have given the secret away. Adele was spotted wearing a necklace adorned with the name “Angelo” while shopping in West Hollywood this week, causing suspicion that the moniker is the name of her first born.

The singer was pictured with the necklace in British rag the Daily Mail, and a report in competing newspaper the Sun seems to back it up. “Those close to Adele have been told the baby is called Angelo,” a source told the paper. "We’re not sure of the significance of the name. She’s wanted to keep it quiet but it was always going to come out sooner or later."

Adele declined to reveal the name during her recent appearance at the Golden Globes, responding to a request by saying only that she calls her son "little peanut." “I am not sharing his name at the moment," she said. "It is very personal to me. I am enjoying him on my own."