Just when I think I've lost another piece of my soul to the near constant noise of hatred and disrespect in the world, along comes the slap-in-your-face roomful of diversity and tolerance that is a drag show.

Drag shows are fun. I still can't decide if they're a break from reality or one of the most real things I've ever seen. Either way, it's always one hell of a fun party.

I will never claim to be an expert in gender studies or equality issues. If you list more than a handful of identities, you'll be listing more than I can.

But I do know that celebrating PEOPLE is a good idea and a drag show is about as potent a celebration as you'll find.

Supporting your neighbors is healthy. A community (general definition) is a safe community ONLY if the community members actually feel like they're members. We all need friends and allies. Without them, we're alone...doing everything on our own without the helpful, sometimes invaluable, perspective of someone else.

I don't have to agree with you, but when I fail to look at differing opinions and realities it means that I've stopped caring. It means I've called it a day on learning. It means a personal game over. My greatest fear is sucking as a human being and living an uninteresting, uncaring life.

Drag shows may not be your bag. That's OK. Admittedly, they are loud, over-the-top and a bit brash with questionable fashion choices. I don't care for NASCAR and it's loud, over-the-top and a bit brash with questionable fashion choices. But I'll defend to the death your right to enjoy cars driving an oval for 500 miles.

My point here is, if you're feeling like the walls of humanity are caving in and the world seems less caring and tolerant than in recent memory...you're not alone. But for your own sake, don't put up with it. Stand up for (or stand with) people who need some support. Care. Take action. Do what you can. Just show up.

Your safe community depends on it.

Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images
Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images

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