Several weeks ago, I was able to attend the Bozeman premier of “All I Can” by Sherpas Cinema, a production company based out of Whistler, British Columbia. Leading up the evening of the screening, I had heard many rumors floating about regarding this particular flick. My friends had been saying things like “The best ski movie of all time”, and “The Art of Flight of Skiing but better!” As I had never experienced any of Sherpas Cinema’s previous works, I did not know what to expect.

The movie showed at the Emerson Theatre and began much like any other ski movie premier with a gear toss, hooting, hollering and all the usual shenanigans accompanying antsy powder junkies (of the cold fluffy sort). The lights dimmed; the crowd settled and the audience sank down into the chairs for the ride. The movie was composed in 6 different chapters, each touching on a different aspect of ski culture, and the nature of the beast within us that drives each of us snow lovers into the wild places to find the white room. The film was tied together meticulously with beautiful cinematography and awing imagery, as well as a tangible plot line and even a touch of moral responsibility. One of the chapters discussed generations and how skiing has tied many together in one family, and how we must as a family work to protect the places we go to get away into our skiing place. There was of course plenty of epic powder shots, sick airs, pencil thin chutes in the middle of nowhere and even a whole part dedicated to JP Auclair bridging the gap between the mountain and urban geography.

“All I Can” can definitely be added to the must see list, alongside “Art of Flight” for super epic snow sports movies of the season.  Get stoked, its snowing outside folks.