During the “Ridiculist” segment on Wednesday night’s ‘AC360,’ CNN’s Anderson Cooper delivered a silly, pun-laden soliloquy about French actor Gérard Depardieu urinating in the cabin of a plane.

About mid-way through, right after he delivered a line about how the cleaning crew “should thank their lucky stars this wasn’t Depard-two,” Cooper gets tickled at his own monologue — and that’s when it happened.

Despite repeated attempts to regain his composure, he flops right into full-on teary churchgiggles for a full minute on live television.

In the middle of it, he says, “This has actually never happened to me,” and, “You see this sort of thing on YouTube and don’t think it’d happen to you.”

It’s nearly impossible to watch without laughing yourself. Check it out — the giggling starts at 2:30:

[via Gawker]

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