I like to spend my dollars locally whenever possible, but apparently that goes out the window on evenings when I'm pissed off. A ginormous box showed up on my doorstep today. Ahhhh, that's right. I ordered a bunch of stuff the other night...

What an idiot. I suppose it's much better than many things people do when they've had an annoying day but still...

I don't even want to list what's in this large box. It's embarrassing, because it not only demonstrates how a) the day got the best of me, but b) how OCD I can be. (If one new bathing suit is good, six is better, right?)

There were 28 items in this box. 28. You read that right. That's a lot of stuff. That must have been one helluva day, eh?

As I'm typing this I remember what that frustrating day was all about. Nothing earth shattering but incredibly trying.

Instead of letting (a well deserved) someone have it earlier in the day, that evening I sat on the couch quietly. Watched some trash TV. Ordered a bunch of stuff. Then went to bed.

Is shopping any worse than drinking alcohol? I don't think so, but when you look up the most common addictions in America, shopping is right up there with smoking and drinking.

Not as physically damaging, certainly. Wise, useful or productive? YES!!!! IF YOU'RE HEADED TO MEXICO, YOU NEED LOTS OF BATHING SUITS! So, I guess I owe all the annoyances that day a thank you.

photo Michelle Wolfe/KMMS