I gladly thought most people were done with sharing their favorite music via ringtones. I was never a big fan of that guy (or girl). I now know your current favorite song because you just got a call on your cell phone and it took you forever to answer it to make sure we heard every 10 seconds or whatever allotted. Lame!

I was grabbing a sandwich in town the other day and this all too common situation (mainly from like 2000-2005) presented itself again. The dude had that Eminem and Rihanna song as his ringtone. "Love The Way You Lie" I think it's called, not a bad song but I can just turn on the radio to hear it (with muuuch better quality).

I think if you're going to download a ringtone to your phone, do it for the comedic element. Why hear your favorite song over and over unless it may prompt a stranger to laugh. I don't know, maybe go with a Disney showtune. Other examples off the top of my head:

"Rico Suave" - anyone remember this gem from the early 90s? I still remember the video and that dude was Rico Suave. You could never compare but give it a try.

"Barbie Girl" - "I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world" might work

"Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?" - A little Culture Club. If anything you'll get the laugh when that person next to you thinks of The Wedding Singer.

I think I'm gonna do this and whenever a stranger chuckles I'm gonna turn to them and mean-mug em'. I'm gonna give them my meanest prison glare. It'll hopefully end with both of us laughing. Well I've gotta go figure out how to download a ringtone for the first time in my life.

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