I'm not sure if I am hyper loyal to certain brands or just comfortably obsessive. Either way, I'll show you my list if you show me yours. (Clearly, Aerial7 headphones make the list.)

FORBES magazine says that brand loyalty is dead. I disagree, and here's why.

Brand loyalty might be more elusive than it used to be but for brands that can "think on their feet" and genuinely CARE about what their customers want, our loyalty as customers is there for the earning.

Our loyalty as consumers has to be nurtured. Pay attention to us. Address problems if they arise. Communicate with me, but don't you dare bombard me with useless spam. (That email better have a deal, a reward, an upgrade or something else of value in it for ME, not just useless promotion for Brand X.)

Perfume. Coffee. Vodka. Clothing. Airlines. Frozen pizza. Credit cards. Hair products. Mobile phones.

I find it extremely interesting what things are important to people. Very similar people might have completely different products that are "brand important" to them. (Say we both love coffee. You might buy and grind your own foo-foo beans. I, however, will drink just about anything that's decent.)

Since I said I'd show you mine :-) here are a few brands that I'm very loyal to and WHY:

Aerial7 Headphones (I JUST LIKE THE PRODUCTS)

This one is easy because I simply LOVE Aerial7 headphones. They're built well. They sound great in varying conditions. They're cool looking and super comfortable. (I really do own 4 pairs.) The product/brand doesn't have to bribe or entice me to be loyal. Just keep building good headphones.

BTW, Aerial7 - WHAT IS UP with your social media skills? We don't have to be friends or anything but ever heard of a Facebook update? How about a website??? Seriously. Google yourself. You are impossible to find which is probably really foolish if you'd like to stay in business. Get it together, guys.

Delta Airlines (Incentives and upgrades for my loyalty)

Delta has always treated me as a good customer....which made me a better customer. I started traveling reasonably late in life, but once I started I never stopped. Didn't hurt that my folks moved to Jalisco, Mexico for several years.

Anyway, when a bag (rarely gets lost) it gets delivered to my home or work in a reasonable amount of time. When I spend good money on a business or 1st class ticket, they take VERY good care of you. Hell, when we're delayed on the tarmac in Detroit I can nearly drink the numerical value or my upgrade in Bloody Marys before we take off.

What brands are you loyal to and why? What is it that they do for you to KEEP you loyal?