In movie news, it is being reported that Ashton Kutcher will play Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in a new indie flick called "Jobs". In personal news, I no longer watch Three and a Half Men and there's a new movie coming out about Steve Jobs that I will not be watching. I'm not usually a hater, but Ashton Kutcher just annoys the hell out of me.

I hate to admit that I'm being a hater here but I can not watch anything the Kutch is in. I think he could possibly be the worst actor on the planet. He plays the same whinning douche with every role. Anyway, unfortunately for me, Kutcher got the role of Jobs. The movie will follow Steve's journey from, quote, "wayward hippie" to the co-founder of Apple. It will begin filming in May, when Kutcher is on hiatus from "Two and a Half Men".

What actor(s) and/or actress(es) do you not care for? Hey, it's a craft that some do better than others and everyone's personal acting style can't vibe with us all.

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