2012 is almost upon us, which means "the best of" lists are almost over. I do wish I could put together a "Best Books of 2011" list. One regret I have from this year is that I didn't read enough books, or rather didn't read many books in their entirety. Can someone out there recommend a new book (fiction or non-fiction) that is so captivating I won't be able to put it down?

I am the king of reading the first half of a book. I know I love a book if I'm able to finish it. It's been awhile though, the last few I've chosen couldn't hold my immature attention span to the end. One book from 2011 that's on my radar is "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson. I'd love some feedback on that if you've read it but I am open to new interesting suggestions. Please help, I want to finish a book again!

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