Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City can be described no better than a gathering of the tribe. Every outdoor related company shopping their next year’s products and retailers coming to check out the goods, the show consists of attendees buying, selling, and networking nonstop for 4 days straight. After business hours on the show floor though, more of the social aspect of the show comes to the foreground of peoples focus.

Avalaunch and Tate Chamberlin are well known for providing the masses with not only informative venues for fund and awareness raising for avalanche safety around the northwest, but also putting on killer shows to get people exited to support the snow safety movement. Avalaunch came forward at OR and put up a killer card of a Blackalicious show, open to all show attendees. Sadly hours before the show the lead singer and head honcho of the group, Gift of Gab fell ill and had to make a trip to the University of Utah Hospital, so was unable to make the show. DJ Chief Xcel and fill in MC Lateef who when together become The Maroons, held things down with an energetic show different from what the audience was expecting but nonetheless bumping. Libations were in full effect and the crowd was “getting down old school” into the late hours of the night at the Club Elevate venue in downtown SLC.

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